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English Second-hand (Used) Clothes Without Rubbish

5.50 лв/килограмм
оптовая цена
2.75 - 5.50 лв/килограмм
Условия поставки: EXW Лондон
Rokas Gailius
,  Лондон, GB
на Флагма с 13 февраля 2021


/// Product Description ///
Original Second-hand (Used) Mixed Clothes and Shoes from the United Kingdom.
Clothes are of good quality and without rubbish & single shoes. Collected from door-to-door.
There is around 10-15% of 'cream' clothes inside.

The price is from 1.25 to 2.50 GBP/kg. Minimum order - 10 000 kg (10 tons).

Clothes are ready to be exported/resold to any other country because they are already sorted, and all waste (including single shoes) has been removed.

/// Packaging & Shipping ///
Clothes are packed in ~200 kg or ~10 kg bags (according to the customer's request). Clothes are unpressed.

We can help you to arrange transport to your door.

We can send clothes either directly from the UK or from Europe!

/// Company Introduction ///
Fashion Inc Ltd was established in 2012 in London, UK.
We offer wholesale of second-hand and stock clothes, footwear, and accessories.
Our goal is to offer the best price and quality for our clients.
We export goods to various countries, such as Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Georgia, Belgium, etc.

For further inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us - we will find the best option to fulfill your needs.

/// Our Products ///
We offer original used clothes and shoes from the UK (untouched or without rubbish), collected from door-to-door & textile banks. Also, we have offers for stock (new) clothing.

Номер объявления: 1769003
,  Лондон, GB
на Флагма с 13 февраля 2021
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