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Oak and Pine Lumber from Ukraine. Round lumber. Oak logs.

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Our company is engaged in woodworking since 1992. Manufacture is located in Ukraine (Central Europe).
We offer pine lumber (oak lumber). All the products pass appropriate control, have certificates of origin and quality. Construction timber (pine) direct from Ukrainian saw mill. We saw and export Ukrainian Pine, Spruce, Oak, Beech, Birch and Ash AD and KD 1-3 garde quality.
You can order lumber of any diameter and length.
The company has international accreditation and established supply chain.
1. Name: Spruce, oak, pine.
2. Size: Customer according
3. Type: Other Timber
4. Color: Natural
5. Character: Durable
6. ABC grade.
7. Logs can be debarked.
8. Lumber can be processed with antiseptic (anti-blue stain treatment).
9. Moisture Content: natural.
10. Density: Pine - 700kgs/m3; Oak – 1100kgs/m3.
11. Diameters: 18-40 cm – Any.
12. Length: >= 2 m.
13. Dimensions - according to your requirement
Our mail export directions are: European Countries, North part of Africa, America, China, India, Korea, UAE.
The main services of the LogHouseUA activities include:
- Timber felling in Ukrainian forests;
- Sawing wood at our saw mils;
- The full package services;
- Warehousing.

Price terms (incoterms 2010): EXW, FCA, FOB, CFR, CIF.

Lawful wood selection: our logs are carefully selected and legally certified to be harvested from commercial reforestation areas, authorized deforestation areas, sustainably managed forests, and/or appropriate residual wood sources.

Phytosanitary certificate: legally endorsed and included - pending regulations at country of import.

We also produce wide range of sawn wood products from beech, oak, ash, alder, pine, spruce as well as logs from these types of wood. Close cooperation with major forestries, well-adjusted timber felling procces, numerous own sawmills and advanced equipment helps us to provide best reasonable prices and the highest level of services to our customers.
You can send us specification of what you need on the following e-mail – and we will give you the best price. More information - see our web site –

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Log House, ООО,  Радомышль, UA
на Флагма с 6 декабря 2016

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